A little about us


Cova Collection has since the start in 1984 been run by Mrs Connie Lentz and Mr Vagn Yde. The Danish located teddy bear company started out in an apartment in the town Aarhus, but lack of space quickly forced the couple to move the company to Herning. Here's room for both storage space and private housing, and Cova Collection still resides at this location. 


Cova Collection is itself active with both sketches and image suggestions when designing new teddy bears to the collection. New designs is thereby added to the collection regularly. The actual production is however in China. Cova Collection regular visits it's producers to ensure ethical standards in production. Cova Collection guarantees that neither environmental pollutants or child work is included with processing their products. The Chinese producers are also approved for marketing for Disney which also says quite a lot on this subject.


Cova Collection's teddy bear collection can be roughly divided into two categories. The first category is classic Nordic/Arctic animals such as polar bears, husky dogs and seals. These are most likely sold in souvenir shops throughout Scandinavia. The second category changes on a half yearly basis following trends etc. These teddy bears could be everything from bees and ladybirds to elephants and lions and the marketing channels are diverse.

The idea of Cova


It's the »impulse«:
To show an unusual plush collection exclusively comprising plush animals and figures which through their emotional radiation have a very striking effect on the spectator.


It's the »philosophy«:
To make a charming quality product which in its form and design clearly stands out from mass-produced toys - and at the same time is reasonably priced.

It's the »road ahead«:
To render good service to the dear friends who know the value of quality and to currently present new products.

It's the »aim«:
To create an exclusive gift article which will become a valuable friend through its individuality, expression and personality.

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